• 2016 ECS FC Footgolf Open

    It's that time again! Lace up those shoes, dig out your best golf clothes, find your lucky ball, and get on out to Jefferson Golf Links for the 3rd annual ECS FC Footgolf Open!

    This year's event will be held on Sept 10th with a 4:00 PM shotgun start time. The open will be hosted this year at Jefferson Park Golf Course on Beacon Hill. All proceeds will benefit Emerald City Supporters FC, the amateur soccer club of the Emerald City Supporters! Proceeds will help to purchase equipment, field time, and uniforms and will also support hosting of the 2017 Supporters' Cup matches between ECS FC and Timbers Army FC at Starfire. Just like last year,

    Just like last year, entry fee for the ECS FC Footgolf Open will be $30 per player. The tournament will consist of a beginners division and competitive division, and is open to everyone of all ages. Bring your family and friends, and don't worry about playing ability! Children under 10 years old play FREE with a paid playing adult accompanying them.

    New to Footgolf? Check this out.

    Tickets are available here, and we've shared more over on Facebook.


    Photo © Tepid00

    The Emerald City Supporters will not be supporting the “Friendly” on Tuesday, July 5th. All game day operations divisions including tifo crews, capos, drummers, and security personnel have the day off. There will be no color posted, no capo stands installed, and no amplification provided.

    The ECS organization is itself a season ticket holder, and we make 50 tickets available for purchase to our members for each home match. As an organization, we have elected to donate those 50 tickets to the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.

    If any ECS member wishes to donate their tickets to the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County, you may do so by emailing your tickets to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In order to give them enough time to organize a user for your tickets, please email them before Thursday, June 30. The organization has asked that any member who is interested in donating tickets to download the PDF and email them to the above address. 

    This is not a protest. The Emerald City Supporters have always been vocal about our disapproval of friendlies during an already congested schedule. Since the club insists on fielding a squad, we hope these donated tickets may inspire a youngster in the Brougham End to become our next DeAndre Yedlin.



    Since its creation in 2012 after the first ECS FC Adult Academy, Pub League has consisted of four teams of beginner soccer players. After all these years, Pub League has grown into a league that cannot support the number of players that wish to play. The skill level of these players has also been steadily increasing. With both of these in mind, Pub League is proud to announce Pub League Premier! With the creation of Premier, Pub League will be adding four higher level teams to our league structure.

    Premier is being designed for our players that have proven to be either too skilled, too fit, or too competitive for regular Pub League. This league will also welcome back former players that originally had been removed from the league because of these issues. This league will consist of four teams and will play nine weeks and Playoffs in the time slot before Pub League.

    Pub League, on the other hand, is now being directed at the novice/beginner players ONLY as a way to learn the game, increase skill, and have fun playing soccer with other supporters. We ask anyone that is of a higher skill level than novice, or has a high fitness level, to please consider playing in Premier and allowing the new players to join this lower division.

    The Signup process will happen over two days with Pub League being put up in the ECS Store on Friday 8/19/16 at 8PM and Premier going up on Saturday 8/20/16 at 8PM. The cost will be $80 for non-ECS Members and $70 for paid ECS Members.

    The Combine and Drunken Draft will take place the following week. Time and Place TBA.

    Premier will have eight player coaches that will compete in the drunken draft to craft the best team that they are able to. While Pub League will have the four teams crafted by the four managers, the managers will be randomly placed on a team to help avoid any stacking of teams. If you would like to volunteer as a Player-coach for Premier, or a referee for either league or a manager for Pub League please let Pub League management know. For future announcements please follow the ECS FC Pub League Facebook page. Kyle Anderson Executive Director of Pub League Overlord Relations

    Kyle Anderson Executive Director of Pub League Overlord Relations

    Executive Director of Pub League Overlord Relations


    Photo credit: Joe Towner, @PNWMF

    To start a fire, you need a spark, something to burn, and oxygen. Back in August, our boys had no room to breathe. The club was suffocating and the fire our season nearly went out. All that was left was smoke. Then the Summer Transfer Window opened, and near the end of that window, the Sounders secured Nico Lodeiro’s services. Then, Román Torres returned from his season ending injury the year before. Suddenly, the weak flame of our 2016 campaign had gotten a bit of oxygen, and it grew. Match after match, week after week, the dying embers of the season were stoked to life again. We finished the season in a respectable fourth position in the Western Conference.

    We got to the playoffs and the knockout round versus Kansas City by keeping that fire burning. The funny thing about keeping a fire going is if you give up, all your work is lost and you have to start all over in building it. Our boys fought to the bitter end of that match and were rewarded, and our small flame started to grow. Next, we had the Supporter Shield winners from Dallas. Our boys, still rolling from the knockout round, made quick work of the league leaders at home, and held the line away to move on.

    The fire is raging, but it’s consumed everyone in its path so far. It requires us to march on. It requires fuel and oxygen. Let our voice be that oxygen and let Colorado be that fuel. It’s time to feed the fire.


    • The display is two pieces. A 100 ft long by 40 ft tall curtain and a 100 ft long by 65 ft tall overhead.
    • 2000 feet of rope was necessary to lift this curtain.
    • Production of this display took 20 or so volunteers around 260 man-hours to complete, in the span of four days.

    Photo credit: Joe Towner, @PNWMF

    What can be said about Zach Scott that hasn’t been said in his career? The epitome of what it means to be a Sounder. 15 years for our boys in famous green. No other club but that of Seattle. From Gonzaga to USL to MLS, Zach has sacrificed blood, sweat, and well, we can’t say tears because legend has it, a single tear from his eye would cause mass flooding across the globe.

    We’ve sung about Sounders Legends in the past, but Zach is in his own category. 349 appearances for the club. He is always proving the naysayers wrong. Quiet off the field, always deflecting any praise sent to him back to his teammates and coaching staff. He doesn’t want the limelight, he wants to compete, do his job, and secure glory for this club.

    Upon hearing rumors of Zach’s retirement, we immediately decided we had to honor him with one more display. ECS has paid tribute to Mr Sounder twice before (Hang 10 and 300 matches). This time, simply a thank you for years of dedication to our club.

    Fast Facts:

    • The Mahalo Curtain is 100 feet wide and 60 feet tall. It took 23 gallons of paint to complete.
    • The Zach portrait was 36 feet tall by 36 feet wide. It was drawn, painted, and completed in 3 hours by eight highly motivated ECS members.
    • In the lower level of the Supporters Section, our members held up their ECS scarves from the year they joined the group, symbolizing the number of years they have enjoyed and appreciated Zach's play.

    One club men are extremely rare. Nearly unheard of in modern sports. We're going to miss Zach's hard nosed, take no prisoners style of play in years to come. But he is family. He is Ohana. He will always be a Sounder.

    We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the Zach Scott Testimonial on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Tickets are on sale now, starting at $10.20.

    Mahalo, Zach.

  • Match Preview: SSFC @ DCU 6/1/16

    Onward to (the other) Washington we march, ECS! 

    Wednesday, we find our club at RFK stadium for our only regular season meeting with D.C. United. While we showed support for the D.C. supporters plight earlier this year, during this match our passion will be for the our crest alone.

    Recently, our group has talked about and demonstrated its pride for our club and now, I want to challenge you to something for this away match. SING!!!! 

    If you are traveling to D.C., you will be heard. I have no doubts about this. I invite those not able to join with us to find another supporter or 50 and sing throughout this match. This means you, crew at Kraken Congee! Create an away section wherever you are. Make your viewing party feel like a bus trip before the keg has been finished and the videos start to be Tweeted. Our songs and chants are the pride and sweat of many and they shall be sung by our many voices. 

    We know that our boys can hear our support and that they can feel our unwavering commitment to them. So gather with your pogo neighbors whether at home or wherever ECS gathers and sing our songs. While we may all not originally be Seattle's Own, we are all ECS and we will be heard. 

    So sing up ECS!

  • Match Preview: SSFC @ SJ Quakes 9/10/16

    It's true. Saturday's match in San Jose is an important one when it comes to the Sounders' chances of making the playoffs this season. Just a couple months ago, the basement of the standings was more of a good bet for us.

    Since then, we've had a bunch of ups and a couple of downs. Mostly ups, thankfully. Our newest designated player, Nico Lodeiro, was named player of the month for August. The boys beat Portland at home. Román Torres is back. However, Clint Dempsey is on the shelf with a heart condition, and the boys dropped points in Portland two weeks ago.

    It's safe to say that a rested team with the bulk of its firepower back in action shows promise, though. It's also safe to say that the group of travelers heading to San Jose don't need a massive bar or a Shirt Free Zone to be tempted into going to a soccer match. They're there for one thing - to support the Sounders.

    For the Quakes, this match is just as critical. While they currently hold the sixth and final playoff spot in the West, they stand just one point ahead of Seattle after 26 matches played. Both clubs will be looking to gain ground on (or catch up to) Vancouver and Portland, who have played 28 matches to date, as the regular season comes to a close.

    Forget what the "experts" say for a moment. Forget what the Sounders looked like two or three months ago. Focus on the here and now, the fact that the club has turned a major corner since Brian Schmetzer took the helm, and the fact that we still don't care about the Heritage Cup, but will gladly take it away from San Jose.

    On Saturday evening, you could be in San Jose, might have footgolf-worn feet, or a belly full of tacos from the BarraQ you just attended, but one thing will be for certain. You'll be supporting the boys from wherever you stand, sit or recline (we heard you ate too many tacos!). Do what you do best, ECS, wherever you are.

    Up the Sounders!

    Up the ECS!

  • Match Preview: SSFC @ TFC 7/2/16

    What a weird week so far.

    Saturday featured an extremely annoyed captain Brad Evans taking his teammates to task both on and off the field. Tuesday featured a monster performance from goalkeeper Tyler Miller to push the Sounders one more round forward in this year's US Open Cup.

    So now, the boys travel to Toronto to face a depleted squad that will be without Michael Bradley, Will Johnson, Jozy Altidore and Clint Irwin. Will we see a pissed off, motivated club reeling from a home loss or more of the same? Do the captain's words take hold on the players and make this past week the "moment" from which the season rebounds? We'll know on Saturday evening.

    As supporters, we find ourselves in a constant state of anguish and ecstasy, and this week is a perfect example of what that feels like. Chants of "we're gonna win the US Open Cup" fill the stands after a victory just as often as our opinions about Frank Lampard's limbs did on Saturday. That's why it was almost perfect that "Pride" was the theme of Saturday's match, result aside. Win or lose, we do what we do for the pride we have in our club, each other, and our fair city.

    We'll express that pride again this weekend, as 33 travelers make their way to BMO Field to support the Sounders. As many others will at Hellbent, the Jolly Roger, Danny Coyle's, the Berliner and dozens of other pubs to watch the on Saturday. 

    We take this seriously, win or lose. It's what we do. Let's bring three points home this weekend.

  • MLS Cup 2016 - Official ECS Subgroup Viewing Events

    Can't make it to Toronto for the Final? Show your support by joining your fellow ECS at one of our official viewing events hosted all over the country and around the Puget Sound. Below you'll find a list of linked viewing events by state, city and subgroup where you can watch our boys take the final step towards eternal glory.

    Washington State

    Seattle (Pioneer Square) - OFFICIAL ECS VIEWING
    Fuel Sports Beats & Eats
    164 S. Washington Street
    Seattle, WA 98104

    Seattle (Capitol Hill) - PRIDE OF THE SOUND
    Modera Capitol Hill
    1427 11th Avenue
    Seattle, Washington 98122

    Bellingham - 542 BRIGADE
    Wild Buffalo
    208 W Holly St
    Bellingham, Washington 98225  

    University Place - ARMED SERVICES GROUP & 253 DEFIANCE
    The Ale House Pub and Eatery
    2122 Mildred St W
    University Place, Washington 98466  

    The Berliner Pub
    221 Main Ave S
    Renton, Washington 98057  

    Three Magnets Brewing Co.
    600 Franklin St SE, Ste 105
    Olympia, Washington 98501  

    Silverdale - WEST SOUND ARMADA
    Cash Brewing Co
    3388 NW Byron St
    Silverdale WA 97383  


    Sports Center - All Ages
    214 E Yakima Ave
    Yakima, WA 98901

    Uncle Sam's Saloon
    8378 W Gage Blvd
    Kennewick, WA 99336

    1414 N Hamilton St
    Spokane, WA 99202 


    Tempe - Sonoran Sounder Alliance
    Wasted Grain Tempe
    526 Mill Street
    Tempe, AZ 85281


    Mountain View - FOG CITY FAITHFUL
    Stephens Green
    223 Castro St
    Mountain View, California 94041

    San Francisco - FOG CITY FAITHFUL
    San Francisco Athletic Club
    Viewing Party to benefit StreetSoccerUSA
    1750 Divisadero Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115

    Costa Mesa - SOCAL SOUND
    55 Tavern and Bowl
    1875 Newport Blvd
    Costa Mesa, CA

    Long Beach - SOCAL SOUND
    Shannons on Pine
    209 Pine Ave
    Long Beach, CA

    Los Angeles - SOCAL SOUND
    The Fox and Hounds
    11100 Ventura Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 91604-3133

    San Diego - SOCAL SOUND
    The Brew Project - 4pm - Family Friendly || SSFC Shot Specials!
    3683 Fifth Ave
    San Diego, CA  


    Denver - Green Mile High Club
    Three Lions Pub
    2239 E. Colfax Ave
    Denver, CO 80206


    NorthEnd Pizza
    1513 N. 13th St.
    Boise, ID 83702  


    Roma’s Italian Bistro
    102 N Monroe St
    Ruston, Louisiana 71270


    The Field Pub
    20 Prospect St
    Cambridge, MA 02139  District of Columbia


    DJ's Dugout
    2102 S. 67th Street
    Omaha, NE 68106  

    New York

    Carlow East
    1254 Lexington Avenue
    New York, NY 10028


    Cleveland - HEARTLAND HORDE
    Merry Arts Pub & Grill
    15607 Detroit Ave
    Lakewood, Ohio 44107  


    Elgin Park Brew Pub
    325 East M.B. Brady
    Tulsa, OK 74120  


    Portland - ANCHOR-N-ROSE 48S
    Jolly Roger
    1340 SE 12th Ave
    Portland, Oregon 97214  

    Tigard - ANCHOR-N-ROSE 48S
    Bull Mountain
    13727 SW Pacific Hwy
    Tigard, OR 97223  

    Bend - ANCHOR-N-ROSE 48S
    Pour House Pub
    1085 SE 3rd St.
    Bend, OR 97702  

    Washington, D.C.

    Lou's City Bar
    1400 Irving St NW 
    Washington, District of Columbia 20010 


    Plattsville - HEARTLAND HORDE
    Steve's Pizza Palace, Inc.
    175 W Main St
    Platteville, Wisconsin 53818  


    The concept for tonight's choreo came from our very own Barra Fuerza Verde (BFV). You may recognize the design, as it has flown it as a BFF in Section 121 for the past few seasons. The play on the popular saying "si, se puede" replaces "Sí" (or yes) with "Sea" for "Seattle," sending the message to our Spanish-speaking players, as well as the rest of the team, that Seattle is behind them, even against a juggernaut such as Club América. The vertical stripes on either side of the overhead are done all over Latin American terraces, and help pull the whole piece together in a way that should be familiar to opponents and traveling support alike.

    A couple of quick notes:

    • The overhead in section 122 is 35' x 35' and took a team of roughly a dozen hard-working ECS members about 20 hours to sew, paint and ready for deployment
    • The overhead design was done by BFV members Randy Nuñez and Karl Reed. If you see them, buy them a drink and say thanks!

    Champions League is a big deal, a very big deal. Historically, the Mexican sides have dominated play against MLS sides. No MLS club has ever won Champions League to date. In fact, only two MLS sides have ever eliminated a Mexican side in the CCL knockout rounds: Our Sounders in 2013 vs. Tigres UANL, and the Montreal Impact in 2015 vs Pachuca. 

    Can we do it again? Can we knock off Club América and move on to the semifinals of Champions League?



    Photo © Mike Russell Photo. Used with Permission.

    Saturday’s Pride display “Emerald City, We are Here” comes at a time when many in the LGBT community feel afraid. Reeling from a recent event in Orlando, many of us feel that it’s time to hide away. Not so, says the ECS. We are here! From the stands in upper 122 holding up cards to make the pride flag, we see support. From the stands in the lower 122 flying the rainbow ECS crest, we know that ECS signals its love for the LGBT community. Throughout 121 and 123, our family raises rainbow scarves to show their team their love. Somewhere, over the rainbow, we’ve found our home. After all, don’t all Friends of Dorothy want to be in the Emerald City?

    It also sends a message to the team. We are here. It has been a tumultuous season, and it’s time to turn our luck around. The Copa America Centenario break is over. We sing for you, you fight for us. It sends a message to the opposing team, that we are here. You will hear us as you play. The home field advantage is a force to be reckoned with, in our Royal Brougham Pitch.

    This Pride display joins the Sounders Pride display on the field, showing that ECS approves of the inclusion of LGBT support. We are a unified club, team and supporters, ready to take on the challenges of the second-half of this year.

    Display Facts:

    • The display has three elements, a card display, a text banner, and a fabric overhead.
    • We’ve improved on our card cutting, and cut the twelve rolls of cards in a little over an hour
    • The overhead and text banners were painted in two nights, with the support of a little over sixty volunteers.

    If you are LGBT, questioning, or never feel like you belong, know that there is room under the ECS crest for you. As we scream together, we energize our team, and change the conditions on the pitch for our boys.

    - Kevin Hope


    Photo © Max Aquino Photography. Used with permission.
  • Summer 2016 tifo sessions

    Tifo production will be up and running starting on Monday, June 20th and painting will continue through Thursday, June 23rd. If you want to help with our next project, you'll need to sign up before Sunday, June 19. Details can be found here on the forums.

    If you have questions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet at @ECSTifo.




    Summer is around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the gorgeous summers in Seattle than to join in and help create tifo! Summer sessions will be coming up soon, and we’ve written a post including a volunteer sign up sheet on the forums.

    Also, please remember to follow @ECSTifo for latest information regarding our production sessions.

  • Thank you, Sigi

    In seeing today’s news that the club parted ways with Sigi Schmid, our only coach in the MLS era, our collective feelings are a mixture of optimism and nostalgia. Sigi’s legacy here will always be how he turned an expansion team into a permanent, above-typical power in MLS, under the pressure of demanding Sounders supporters. It’s no secret the Sounders have been an ambitious club propped up and supported both home and away by a very ambitious fan base. During his tenure here in Seattle, Sigi had managed to live up to those expectations, however.

    Sure, the news of Sigi’s departure is still fresh off the presses, but one cannot avoid thinking of the amazingly positive and good times we have had with him at the helm. We always can point to the 2014 Supporters’ Shield, four USOC trophies, Cascadia Cups and multiple winning seasons. Don’t forget some of the smaller, yet important achievements and records broken in the CONCACAF Champions League.

    Remember vividly when Sigi, in an interview, claimed that the Cascadia Cup belonged to the fans. This was at the same time that MLS was trying to pry it from the hands of supporters that were the very same ones that created the Cup. Sigi understood it. Sigi understood supporter culture and made sure the players that played for him understood it as well. We should never forget that.

    Remember the post-match interview after the thrashing of our rivals to the South. In this match we had made an inspirational tifo that is still regarded as one of the all-time best in MLS. Sigi’s emotional press conference after that match showed just how much he wanted to bring the MLS Cup to Seattle. After all, in his own words, coaching the Sounders was a dream come true. Soccer in Seattle is the way all “old school” soccer folks always dreamed it would be.

    We salute you, Sigi, for your love of this team and its fans.

    This move from our club is also a courageous one. There are all sorts of theories about how dangerous a mid-season coaching change can be in MLS, when it comes to the fate of the season. We are pleased to see the team recognize the challenges of this season and be willing to make a change. Whether you agree with it or not, this was a pivotal move for the club, bringing in a new era. Let’s embrace this change with optimism, because we always believe that the best days for our beloved club are ahead of us.

    We don’t just sing songs for anyone. We don’t just do tifo for anyone. We express our utmost gratitude towards a coach that has allowed ECS and fellow supporters to share amazing memories with each other, home or away. The foundation of soccer culture that was laid here in Seattle owes much to Sigi’s winning ways. It will serve our club for decades to come as it pushes to become a top echelon club in the world.

    Thank you, Sigi.

    Everyone reading this for one last time, join us in bidding farewell to the Sounders coaching legend: Sigi Sigi Sigi, Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Up the Sounders, Up the ECS.

    Greg Mockos
    ECS Past President

    Let's thank Sigi in person

    On Thursday, July 28, we're going to gather together where it all started, Fuel Sports Bar, to celebrate our time with Sigi Schmid leading our beloved club on the field. Please join ECS in thanking Sigi, in person, starting at 6PM. 

    You can RSVP here for the event. Bring your memories, handshakes, and well-wishes this Thursday night, they'll be appreciated. If you're looking for an opportunity to take anyone to task, this isn't the time to do so. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Heather Satterberg & Tom Biro
    ECS Co-presidents

  • The 2017 ECS Pub League Spring Season Is Here!

    Pub League is returning for its Spring Session, and we are proud to announce that our two-league format will be back. Last fall, Premier brought a new competitive level for our more experienced players, while Championship focused on enabling our beginner players to learn the game and have fun. 

    With that in mind, it's time to sign up for new and returning players, and this season we've split up sign-ups between the two levels. The Championship division will go on sale on Saturday, Feb. 11th at 8PM PT, and the Premier division will follow on Monday, Feb. 13th at 8PM PT. Pub League management will evaluate the Championship signups, and if any players are deemed inappropriate for that level, they will be notified of their status in Pub League.

    Sign-ups will take place on the ECS shop. If you are unsure of which division you belong in, please contact Pub League Management at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before registering.

    2017 Spring Session schedule:

    Pub League Combine: Feb. 25th from 11:00AM-4PM

    Week one: April 1st from 11AM-4:30PM

    Week two: April 8th from 9:00AM-2:30PM

    Week three: April 15th from 9AM-2:30PM

    Week five: April 29th from 9AM-2:30PM

    Week six: May 13th from 9AM-2:30PM

    Week seven: June 3rd from 9AM-2:30PM 

    Week eight: June 10th from 9AM-2:30PM

    Week nine: June 17th from 9AM-2:30PM

    Playoffs: June 24th from 9AM-2:30PM

    We look forward to seeing everyone out for this upcoming session!

    Kyle Anderson
    ECS FC Pub League Director


    On Monday, Seattle Sounders FC announced it was “teaming-up” with its corporate partner Delta Air Lines to “unite Seattle and celebrate Delta's support of the city through one of soccer's most storied traditions - a tifo display.” Misuse of grammar aside, let’s make one thing crystal clear. Corporate “tifo” isn’t what tifo is about.

    For decades, supporters across the world have designed, drawn and painted these massive public displays of affection (or anger) across the globe. They give time, money, space, tools and energy to do so. Why? Because they love their clubs. Even when groups have something negative to say, it’s because they love their clubs.

    In our opinion, tifo should never involve money from a club's FO nor its corporate sponsors, regardless of it carrying any corporate branding or not.

    We know that displays have been made by various supporter groups with the help of (if not complete funding from) clubs and other corporate entities. Emerald City Supporters does not, and will not, ever accept money to create a display or execute one on behalf of a third party. We have received multiple offers to do so in various capacities, and have politely declined all of them. Okay, some were less politely declined than others, but we have declined them nonetheless.

    Finally, while the sentiment of “uniting” fans in Seattle is one that we can get behind – whether you’re an ECS member or not – we don’t believe in doing so under the guise of a corporation and calling it “tifo” the way that Delta and the Seattle Sounders are doing so here. It’s not an “activation.” Ever.

  • The Phoenix

    Photo Credit: Max Aquino, @maxaquinophoto

    To be the Phoenix who has risen from the ashes, you must first have been among the ashes. The first half of this season, we were in the trash heap. In August, we were in ninth place in the Western Conference. Everyone said we were done, finished. Until we weren’t. We began to rise. We said goodbye to Sigi, entered the second Schmetzer era of our club’s history, and signed Lodeiro, Morris found his left foot, Torres returned, and everything came together. We were born anew. It was inspiring to experience. Mid-September, it started looking like Playoffs were a real possibility and our concept team started kicking around ideas for a playoff choreo and eventually decided on the Phoenix display we deployed today.

    Fast Facts:

    • While aggressive, we decided to start work on this display at the same time as we did “Mahalo Zach”. We finished roughly half of it as we were unable to complete production yet. We did not yet know who would make the playoffs and who would be on the outside looking in.
    • The second half of the display was finished on Monday night by roughly 10 people. This mostly consisted of final detailing work and drawing and painting the names of the four clubs who were not able to climb from the bottom.
    • The original designer and one of our newest designers bravely combined on the finished design.
  • The Rickroll

    This heated derby was here long before MLS came to Cascadia. It was here long before they attempted to copyright The Cup out from under the supporter groups who started it. And, it was here long before it's "media partners" hyped it and packaged it for voyeuristic consumption.

    This league continues its attempts to push the false hype, and to monetize it in any way it can. What used to be two fierce meetings per year - one home and one away - has now turned into 3 or 5 clashes within 6 weeks, across all competitions. And with those extra meetings comes higher and higher ticket prices, more and more travel costs for fans, and bigger and bigger demands for supporter groups to perform for the cameras.

    So, to those demands, we say, click here.

    Because you see, this derby isn't about the onlookers, the cameras, or league marketers.

    Because you see, for the Emerald City Supporters, this derby is about the players who wear our Club's crest and who play for the pride of their supporters.

    Because you see, beyond still being an internet meme 30 years later, Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" is a love song. It is an anthem of deep commitment and devotion. The lyrics speak to the same themes that every supporter from around the world sings to his or her club.

    So, just like the derby itself, we are taking back this love song and giving it directly to our players:

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    This derby is one of the few authentic things in this manufactured league. And it is so only because of a handful of players, coaches, front office executives, and fans who get it and who have guarded it.

    And long may it live. Up the Sounders. Up the ECS.

    Up the Sounders. Up the ECS.


    In the 1980’s, Hooliganism was rampant throughout the English Football leagues, so much so that it was called the English disease. It was part of what instituted CCTV, which is now easily visible across the country.

    It was a dark time in football’s history, one that led to sweeping changes to the way the English now watch their beloved game. Terraces were removed, standing became a punishable offense, and ticket prices skyrocketed. The working class English supporter was eventually pushed out, and the English football atmosphere now resembles little of its former self. However, before and during this period, English football supporters were one of, if not the most, revered supporters in the world for what they did inside the stadiums on match day.

    Many of their songs and less nefarious traditions have since spread across the world, including to the streets of our beloved Seattle. What matters here when looking back at those supporters is their ability to come together as individuals and turn a quiet soggy football pitch into a cacophony of sound as they passionately pushed their clubs to stratospheric heights was something to be appreciated. Those supporters of the 70’s and 80’s left an indelible mark (both positively and negatively) on the way people support their football clubs across the world in a number of ways, and it’s important to remember where match day support WAS in England, and how it got to where it stands (or sits, really) today.

    Fast forward a couple decades with me.

    The Emerald City supporters arrive on the scene (that's you). ECS brings a blend of football culture from around the world, including songs and traditions from clubs like Dortmund, Millwall, and Panathinaikos to the stadium on match day. Those songs and traditions, along with the infusion of its own American style, makes headlines in 2009 as the Seattle Sounders smash through attendance records and expectations…but the story that's told about the Emerald City Supporters isn’t exactly complete. The groundwork for what ECS does was built from the early days of MLS. Supporter groups started popping up in the old soccer mom-friendly MLS.

    Even so, groups in Chicago and DC sang songs, displayed choreos, lit flares and smoke bombs to celebrate. ECS, in some small part, was built on the backs of these early adopters of supporter culture in the United States. As groups from cities such as Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York, Orlando, Montreal, and LA grew and shaped themselves into the groups we see today, the MLS has flourished.

    The league continues to expand, players never thought obtainable are coming into the league, and attendance continues to grow. Long gone are the soccer mom marketing plans. MLS ads are now heavily inundated with visions and language straight from supporter culture. Impenetrable walls of flags dance in slow motion, drummers are seen beating their tools of the trade, and plumes of colored smoke are seen wafting into the night sky. This is how MLS sells its brand. WE are how MLS continues to grow. YOU are the reason this league and your club continue to become destination points for top tier talent all over the world.

    Over the last few seasons we’ve begun to see a change from MLS, though. We saw the “code of conduct” class policy instituted. We’ve seen an uptick in bans, fines, and sanctions against groups and individuals often with little or no evidence and even less recourse for appeal. Supporter groups aren’t without their faults in this country, but compared to other countries, MLS supporters tend to be pretty well-behaved. Many groups appreciate that if they do the crime, they pay the fine despite there really aren’t 100% clear rules and regulation available in every instance. The league still has zero away support protocols, and security theater is the hottest show in town.

    Which brings me to the point.

    Recently, the DC United Supporter groups had a march to the stadium to help unify the various groups. Over the years, they’ve had their differences and in an act to reunify for the support of their club, they decided to “bury the hatchet,” so to speak.

    They marched, they sang, and they popped smoke as they have before on their way TO the stadium. MLS has since brought sanctions on the District Ultras (1 of the 4 groups involved) and banned another prominent member of the District Ultras for 1 calendar year FROM ALL MLS SOCCER MATCHES. They claim the individual’s act was a crime though no charges have been brought up against the individual by the DC Police Department and the District Ultras are also claiming that the device falls within the laws of Washington, D.C. According to our understanding, this was this individual’s 1st MLS offense.

    We understand MLS’ fear of the hooliganism of the 1980’s. We understand the desire to keep all fans safe. We fear MLS is hurting the culture and the league they claim to care so much about by treating supporters the way they do. ECS has worked very closely with the Sounders’ FO to allow our supporters to enjoy all the great things being a supporter comes with. While we may not always come to an agreement on how we do things, the Sounders’ FO has always kept an open dialogue with us which is why we rarely have found ourselves in situations like this. We appreciate the Sounders for continuing to keep the working relationship we have, and we hope MLS can look to the Sounders as they have in the past for guidance on how to better communicate with their more passionate fans.

    ECS does not support violence or criminal activity in any form, but we also request that individuals and groups be provided evidence of their crime as well as be justly punished. Everyone deserves fair treatment regardless of their offense. MLS routinely markets its brand with images of supporters just like this individual in DC popping smoke and flares. Acts they claim to be against their code of conduct and to be illegal. Their own employee Rachel Bonnetta (who has since left MLS) was proudly displayed popping smoke with OCSC supporters from the MLS’ own YouTube account.

    It is hypocritical of the MLS to use the supporters of this league for advertisements and then ban and sanction them for the exact same actions they use in those marketing efforts. Furthermore, a system that does not provide evidence to these individuals / groups of their “crimes” while punishing them is unacceptable. There is a double standard in MLS and it cannot continue.

    Historically, ECS has taken a very hands-off approach in dealing with supporter groups from around the league. We do everything we can to not distract our supporters from supporting our club. That said, given the way ECS and its members were treated by the league last season, as well as our understanding that eventually our members could very well be in the same situation as the District Ultras, we have decided to stand with the them, as many other supporter groups have over this past week.

    We find the way MLS is treating the supporter groups that have built and funded this league for 20 years to be completely unacceptable. If a crime has been committed, then let the authorities deal with it. We find the double standard MLS shows by marketing individuals and then banning them for the same actions unacceptable. We find the system in which supporters are punished unacceptable. Supporters helped build this league. They deserve more respect, appreciation, and communication then the current MLS management gives them, especially considering their long-term viability has a significant dependence on the environments that we, the suppoorters, help create on matchday.

    We, the supporters of the MLS and American soccer are not hooligans and we should not be treated as such.

    We stand united with DC.


    (NOTE: We're continuing the conversation here)




    It’s been a bad start. No doubt about it. And, anyone can make reasons to find another distraction, another use for their ticket money, another way to spend their time.

    But that’s not what an Emerald City Supporter does. We get stuck in. It’s what we’ve always done. Whenever our club is on the brink, we grab the rope and pull them back.

    In fact, this week marks the eight year anniversary of just such a situation. You see, we may be bemoaning the Sounders bad start this year, but it could be much worse. We could be bemoaning the bad start of a team named Seattle Alliance, Seattle FC, or Seattle Republic. No kidding. Eight years ago this week, we voted on our club’s new MLS name, and Sounders wasn’t even an option. That’s the way MLS wanted it, but that is not what they ultimately got.

    Through the hard work and dedication of many Emerald City Supporters, the MLS Seattle group was forced to acknowledge the groundswell of Sounders fans and offer a write-in option. That write-in option won, as 82% of ballots had some form of Sounders written in. In fact, you can go back through the public portion of our forums, and read the threads that mobilized our members, and the greater soccer community. Read about the daunting task, read the ‘don’t bother’ replies from some of the detractors, and experience their process as they used Democracy in Sports to save our past from obscurity and protect our future. I encourage every member to take a moment and read some of these threads. Click here and browse up to Page 32. It’s worth your time. Read how ECS members, former capos, and other leaders took it upon themselves to organize, call, email, write in, fight, and ultimately toast to our Seattle Sounders FC.

    This is part of our legacy, YOUR legacy as an Emerald City Supporter. Hold that in your hearts.

    This Saturday, as you stand in the Brougham End with your fellow Faithful, and we watch our boys take on an old foe, keep this with you: WE ARE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN OUR CLUB. Believe in the men who wear our crest, inspire them with your energy and passion, and drown out the nay-sayers with your voices.

    This is our home. This is our city. This is our Seattle Sounders FC.

    Heather Satterberg, Co-president

    photo by Tepid00





    The story of today's choreo begins with the 5/24/2014 away trip to BC Place. Looking out at the skyline from our bus on the way home, we noticed a resemblance between the sinister silhouette of BC Place's masts and the thorny crown of the Night King from Game of Thrones. As we talked about the idea, we realized that the analogy was a great fit: our city, our club, and our boys are the final point of defense against against an old, white-clad threat from across our Northern border, and we are Sounders 'till we die, just as a crow's watch ends only at death.

    We designed the concrete aspects of the image to support this conceptual foundation: supporters at the top of the wall along with the text "We Are the Watchers On the Wall", to emphasize our connection with and commitment to our boys on the pitch, and a Sounders ranger of the Night's Watch defeating the BC-Place-throned monster as a representation of our boys defeating our northern Cascadian foe.

    Of course, the value of an idea lies in using it, and we had great work from our volunteers, starting with the excellent (and challenging!) artwork created by our designer, to the work done by our team to sew, draw, and paint the banners, and finally from our 30-person deployment team.


    • The display is comprised of a 100'x55' curtain, a 100'x70' overhead, and approximately 2,500 cards.
    • About 80 volunteers put in approximately 800 hours of work during production
    • We used 24 gallons of paint on the image. Despite the large amount of whitespace, painting was very labor intensive due to the amount of detail on the Night King and supporters silhouette.

    All ECS members are invited and encouraged to come meet their fellow supporters and participate in a tifo making session. Follow @ECSTifo for more information or you can email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please also like Emerald City Supporters on Facebook to stay up to date with ECS events including tifo.

    Tifo projects such as this are supported by the sale of our membership kits and by donations.



    Tonight's display  has a simple message, "We're Back." While simple, there are multiple ways to interpret what that means. It's the start of the 2016 campaign, a chance to renew the chase for the elusive MLS Cup. After the disappointing finish to yet another promising year in 2015, many supporters of the Rave Green were dejected, lost, and hurting. The first match of a new season has a certain magic to it. It has the ability to heal those wounds, a chance for new beginnings. 

    We're back also lets our boys know that, we have not given up, and we have not abandoned them. We a're right where they could always find us on match day, in the Brougham End, doing our part to ensure victory.

    Regardless of your interpretation,  the message is the same. We haven't gone anywhere, we're still contenders, and we're still the mighty Rave Green. We're Baaaaaack!

    Display facts:

    -This display has three elements. A curtain, a card display, and the iconic little girl from the Poltergeist movie poster.
    -The curtain stretches 100 feet wide and from top to bottom, reaches 60 feet long. It took roughly 20 people about 6 hours to sew the 30 bolts of fabric together and took 5 days to draw and paint. 

    -We've gotten very good at cutting the cards we use in our card displays. It took a little under two hours for a team of 6 people to cut the 2,500 cards used in this display, to create the room and light from the television

    -The little girl that was raised in the front of the section to complete the piece, is a touch under 35 feet tall. The intricate details of this element are worth noting. From the hair on her head, to the fuzzy sleepers on her feet, and even her shadow, we tried painting techniques we hadn't used before on a choreo display.

    -We had close to 70 individuals come out and help paint throughout production, many of whom, had never helped paint a display before. Special thanks to the players of our ECS FC teams who came out as a group to help us finish off the painting for this display.
  • Zach Scott Testimonial Ticket Information

    Tickets for the Zach Scott Testimonial on March 1st, 2017 will be available on Monday, October 24th at 9am. Tickets will be sold via Brown Paper Tickets at zachscotttestimonial.brownpapertickets.com.

    Tickets start at $10.20 (a nod to Zach’s MLS jersey number) for the upper grandstands and $20 for the lower grandstand. Current (2016 or 2017) members of the Emerald City Supporters will have exclusive access to South Grandstand Lower level tickets via an access code provided in the forum. A premium field level standing area behind the East goal will be available for $50 and includes non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

    In order to ensure all fans and supporters are able to attend this event, and because of our belief in soccer for all, we’ve kept ticket prices very low. All proceeds from the match will be disbursed at the request of Zach Scott and his family. If you’d like to make an additional financial contribution, you can change the price of your tickets when purchasing. If you’re unable to attend but would like to donate to the cause, you can do so HERE.

    For more information about the testimonial, check out the announcement from September 15.